FA3 is a potent biostimulant obtained from plant extracts to boost plant growth and to increase crop tolerance against abiotic stresses such as salinity, drought and extreme temperatures.

FA3 contains glycine betaine and polysaccharides like Mannitol acting as a natural osmoprotectant compounds able to restore and maintain osmotic balance in living cells, protecting plant’s physiological processes when undergoing stress, maintaining growth and production, preventing damage and aiding in the crop’s recovery in periods of stress.

FA3 contains amino acids like proline that work in synergy with glycine betaine to enhance the mitigation of environmental stress allowing plants to quickly overcome the stress and improve growth. Chelating and complexing activities of specific amino acids  as Proline contribute to nutrients’ availability and acquisition by the roots.

FA3 is rich in HFS 18 that improves and optimizes nutrient uptake and water by plants, enhances plant natural resistance against diseases and pests, stimulates plant growth and increases the quality of yields.

FA3 is also  enriched with lignosulphonates that elicit phytohormons activities increasing plant biomass significantly, improve N assimilation and promote phytosynthetic activity.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Improves plant growth under abiotic stress
  • Restores and maintains osmotic balance in living cells
  • Increases plant biomass and photosynthetic activity
  • Increases root system mass visibly;FA3 stimulates cell division and thus stimulates root system development and growth of lateral roots
  • Enhances and optimizes nutrient and water uptake by plants
  • Ensures correct flowering and fruit set
  • Improves fruit retention
  • Helps reduce fruit cracking and weeping
  • Improves fruit firmness at post-harvest
  • Improves quality and crop yield
  • Very safe for users and the environment
  • Easy to mix and apply as a foliar spray, drench or through fertigation systems

Rates of use and timings

Foliar application

Drip Irrigation

FA3 is recommended for all types of crops.

Apply 5 L/ha starting after transplanting for vegetables or at the beginning of root activity for fruit trees. Repeat the application 2-3 times during the growth cycle.

Form: Soluble liquid

Packing: 1,5, 10 and 20 L.