Welcome to our story, we are excited to have you with us!

Sylenco is the idea of a group of European professionals based in Hamburg. After years of research in the chemical sector, the team started to focus on new sustainable ways to improve plant health, one of them being biostimulants. 

Experiments can lead to great things! Created, formulated and produced from the ground up, our line of products forms a complete, efficient and innovative health program for plants. This global perspective over plant health systems and dedication of finding wholesome, sustainable solutions are the reasons why we set up Sylenco in 2017. 

Our objective is to make the lives of farmers easier than ever, by manufacturing highly efficient products for their agricultural and horticultural crops.

Taking all environmental, chemical, biological factors into consideration, we deliver innovative solutions to offer you the most valuable and customized methods of growing and strengthening your plants and thus bringing more value to your business.

Take a look at our solutions and contact us for a personalised and efficient plan for you and your business.



Baumwall 7
20459 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 (0) 173 795 7055
E-mail: info@sylenco.de
Tax Identification Number: DE314577628
Managing Director: Leo Raeymaeckers 
Court of registration: Amtsgericht Hamburg
Registration Number: HRB 148798
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