The combination of calcium, sulphur, boron and osmoregulators makes from this product the ideal solution to use during flowering, assisting the plant in fruit set and fruit quality.

With calcium strengthening the walls of the cells, the skin of the fruit, with boron increasing the transport of sugars, with sulphur increasing the nutritional quality of the crop and with our osmoregulator increasing the growth and resistance of plant against biotic and abiotic stresses, we have the balanced solution of crop success.

*Calcium and boron are essential for a strong cell wall, and such they directly impact the quality and aspect of the fruit.Calcium  deficiency in plants has an impactful visual effect on the fruit causing Blossom-end root in tomatoes, Bitter-pit in apples, cracking in citrus fruit causing a significant decrease in the marketable yield of the crop.

*Sulfur is essential for the  formation of protein- the building blocks of the plant, for enzyme activation and chlorophyll formation and when a deficiency is present growth is reduced and maturity is delayed.

*Boron plays a significant role in pollen germination, cell membrane functions and is essential in assisting the plant to complete their life cycle.

Rates of use and timings

PUZZLE is suitable for foliar application or drip irrigation

Foliar application

Crop -----Dose(kg/ha)--Frequency --------------------Timing-----------------------

Drip Irrigation

Apply 5-10 kg/ha/application early in the season in case of calcium deficiency and repeat throughout the crop cycle until harvest.

Form: Soluble Liquid

Packing: 1 L