Biostimulants are designed to help farmers meet growing agricultural demand sustainably. They improve crop yield and quality, which has a positive impact on farm profitability. 

Biostimulants activate many physiological processes and improve the efficient use of nutrients. This helps farmers optimize their investments with the added benefit of reducing environmental impacts. 

Biostimulants have an important role to play in conventional agriculture as a complement to crop nutrition and crop protection. They help address some of the most important challenges facing global agriculture in coming years:

  • Feeding a growing population requires yield increases and enhanced crop quality, both of which are fostered by biostimulants.
  • Extreme temperatures, draught and other stressful growing conditions related to climate changes, require healthy crops. Biostimulants increase plant tolerance to and recovery from biotic and abiotic stresses.
  • By improving root development and growth, the assimilation and translocation of nutrients is improved and the impact of leaching is reduced. This means a higher return on investment and better use of the nutrient’s natural resources.
  • Biostimulants can enhance quality attributes of produce, including sugar content, colour, fruit seeding, etc. Enhanced quality can mean higher incomes for farmers, better storage and food with better nutritive value. 
  • Biostimulants help protect and improve soil health by fostering the development of beneficial soil microorganisms. Healthier soil will retain water and nutrients more effectively.

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