Sylenco Soluções

Our products are manufactured to provide high quality nutrients to your crops. Our R&D Department always works to deliver innovative proprietary products with improved formulations.

Efficient biostimulants and crop nutrition products and methods have become the main answer to the ever-growing demand for agricultural products.

Sylen water soluble crop nutrition products cover the entire range of nutrients required for optimal plant nutrition. With the three major nutrients N, P and K and macronutrients coupled with a full range of trace elements, Sylen solubles meet the modern agriculture requirements.

Our biostimulants are the state-of-the-art of crop nutrition and the result of years researching, innovating and listening to farmers’ needs. 

Sylen Water Solubles range is especially designed for drip irrigation. Powered with the Humic Complex HFS 18 and micronutrients, Sylen Solubles provide a complete nutrition.

Biostimulants are designed to help farmers meet growing agricultural demand sustainably. They improve crop yield and quality, which has a positive impact on farm profitability. 

Syleaf range offers a complete foliar nutrition solution against multiple deficiencies. It is especially designed for foliar spray with high efficiency of application thanks to our custom adjuvant complex.