Sylen Energy SOIL contains all the ingredients necessary to transform and support a healthy soil like fulvic acid, humic acid, glycine betaine, and amino acids. The structure of the soil improves and with it the flow of water and nutrients that get to the plant. The roots are helped to grow more and stronger and the soil gets richer in beneficial fungi and bacteria, helping further the plant to increase its absorption capacity. The fulvic and humic acid helps free up the bounded nutrients in alkaline and saline soils and the amino acids help the plant to chelate micronutrients and to recover from different stress conditions (like very low or very high temperatures, low soil moisture or flooded soil or frost).

A healthy soil is the base for a sustainable, productive agriculture. Managing the soil health reduces erosion, maximize water infiltration, improve nutrient cycling and the resiliency of their soil.

Rates of use and timings

Soil application or drip application

Form: Soluble liquid

Packing: 1 L